10 Benefits of a One Time Clean

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10 Benefits of a One Time Clean (with Scrub Masters)

What is a one time clean? Kind of like a year round spring clean. A lot of Saskatoon businesses ask us to come in and do a complete one time clean. Why would you want to do this and how will it benefit you?

  1. Everything is done in one visit. And we mean EVERYTHING!
  2. You do not need to hire a full time cleaner. One time, means one time…until you need another one time.
  3. Nothing to manage. Book a one time clean with Scrub Masters, tell us what you need done and we will take care of the details.
  4. Bonded and Insured. Enough said 😉
  5. Bye bye Smells. You know the fresh smell of stale dirt that you inhale every Monday morning until you’re used to it and no longer smell it…that’s the smell you can say bye bye to!
  6. Germs. When germs meet soap and disenfectant their fate is sealed.
  7. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. When your office is clean, its very, very good. And it will make you feel good!
  8. Piece of mind. There is something surprisingly peaceful when your carpets have been shampooed, walls washed down, windows both interior and exterior are streak free and your blinds do not have one spot of dust. Did I mention that the germs are gone?!
  9. Lung Health. You can breath better when your lungs are not fighting with dust particles for your attention.
  10. EVERYTHING IS CLEAN (GERM FREE) AND SMELLS AMAZING (in case you weren’t getting the idea we don’t like germs, dirt and bad smells here at Scrub Masters)!
To learn more about our one time clean packages, simply call or email us (by clicking one of the buttons below) we would be happy to visit your Saskatoon location and set you up with a one time clean.
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