Boredom Killers

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Let’s be honest, life can get pretty boring at times and going to the same job dealing with the same people having the same conversations can drive some people insane. That’s a pretty negative thought and let me be the first to say that if you nodded your head in agreement, it’s time for you to switch positions or work for a new company. THAT is also a dark statement. One of the reasons we feel bored is that we start predicting what is going to happen and we become pretty good at it. But I don’t get bored, you say. Then this article is not for you, today we focusing on boredom killers, similar to boredom kills but less aggressive and also more proactive. I’ll wait while your reread that paragraph, see you’re already less bored.

Bored Killers
Let's do this!
We all know this trick. You need coffee. Either you are already bored or you just finished a pile of work, coffee time. I have yet to hear a person say that they were bored while drinking coffee, at work.
Coffee is a diuretic. So make sure you drink the coffee first and mumble how coffee always makes you pee on your way to the washroom to anyone who is giving you the ‘suspicious eye’. Peeing is never boring.
aka useless gadgets that take up desk space. Get some. The devil and his workshop will never visit your busy hands, wait that doesn’t sound right…
…on the way to work. People who walk in the door with enthusiasm are the best! Your idea may not be great but feeling happy replaces feelings of boring.
…while drinking your coffee, just before you have to pee. No time for boredom. Tick tock, YOU are super busy today!
and give them homes. No one has ever said they were bored as they found homes for kittens, especially as our Saskatoon winter approaches. Won’t you help the homeless kittens. Meow?
alone because it would be wrong to distract others with your feelings of boredom, that and they might find you more work and you have already done A LOT of that. Laughing is a great de-stressor and as you know, relaxed people are not bored people.
Getting our actual work done, leave more time for you to enjoy boredom.
You and I both know that things could be improved at work. Solve a problem, I can’t tell you what that problem is, WHAT I can tell you is that at least 3 people are complaining about 1 thing in your this very moment.
Maybe you have always wanted to learn something. Learn how to do that thing this very instant, with youtube and everything you’ve every wanted to know within seconds of your curiosity. OMG we are so lucky to be alive at this point in time. Leaners don’t get bored, they KILL it.
If you do not love your job and have taken this list very seriously, it could be time for you to move on. It seems like I am encouraging you to quit, doesn’t it? Don’t quit, see if there is a new way for your strengths to be used at your current company. Because we both know that you are a really great person who always has the best intentions, except when you’re bored. That is why I made this list, for you.❤️

Boredom is a sign of high intelligence, this statement much like most Facebook quizzes is made to make similar minded people feel good. I hope I have helped relieve some of your boredom due to your extreme smartness, good looks and great sense of humour. You are the best and I truly mean that. Enjoy your day! 😀

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