Coffee Time

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Hi! Before you read any more I must ask that you have a coffee or chosen warm beverage in hand. As you know when someone holds a warm beverage while talking (or listening or reading) with you, it gives them the feeling of warmth towards you. I already know that you’re a good person, I just want us to be on the same page. I’ll wait, go get your drink, the super warm one.

Lets be real here, we both know that writing and reading articles based on office cleaning are not the most thrilling things you will read today, which is why I don’t think we should talk about that. Instead our focus will be on what goes into hiring a cleaning company on a personal, subconscious level, which is (imo) WAY less boring.

When you first meet someone (minus the warm beverage) your intuition has to do all of the work. Do I like this person? Why or why not? Do I trust this person? Why? Are they similar to me? The more similar or familiar someone feels to us, the more we unconsciously like them. Why does this matter and how does it relate to hiring a company to come in and clean your business? You’re so smart, I’m glad you asked!

Your cleaning company comes into your business when you are not there. That is why you not only need to base your hiring decision on office cleaning quotes but also on the culture or feel that a cleaning company represents. This is kinda where we shine, Tracy, also known as Trace is the big boss, the chunk of cheese if you will here at Scrub Masters. She is as trustworthy as trustworthy could possibly be and not only that she has 20 years of high end management experience, if you spend any amount of time in her space she will start to manage you, THAT is how efficient she is. (Psst. She also LOVES coffee, like lives and dies by it)

Why is management a top skill for a cleaning company? We manage your after hours cleaning which is based on trust and mutual respect, things that a (great) manager ensures is extended to its customers, you.

Wait. Were you drinking your coffee the whole time you were reading that? I was drinking white tea over here and thinking super highly of you. 😃

Have a fabulous day. If where you work is in Saskatoon and you need a cleaning company to come in and do the dirty, hit us up for a quote and a chat. If Scrub Masters is already your chosen, thank you!


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