Extra long Fall in Saskatoon

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You live in Saskatoon so you know it is November 21st and we have no snow which translates to an extra long fall which translates to a fall cleaning. What are the best things to have clean in your office for fall, let me give you a nice little list:

  1. Windows: Windows are a fantastic thing to have cleaned before winter because unlike summer, snow traps all of the lovely dust and dirt that make our windows dirty. (Thank you snow)
  2. Blinds: All summer we get enough fresh air and the dusty blinds do not wreak as much havoc on our lungs but spending more time indoors means inhaling all of the lovely particles sitting on our blinds.
  3. Carpet Cleaning: In theory when we have winter it stays cold and the ground isn’t as prone to mud, so the extra long fall is a great time to have your carpets cleaned.
  4. Seal and Wax: If you have commercial tile, now is the perfect time to have them freshly sealed and waxed. Dirt and gravel from the summer months leaves our flooring looking dull and worn, new wax can make your floor look brand new and add polish to your showroom.
  5. Walls: Take a look at your office walls. This is one of the areas that most businesses fail to have cleaned regularly. Whether you are looking at dirty hand prints or a few layers of dust, having this cleaned can give your office a facelift.

If you haven’t already given Scrub Masters a call for you office cleaning AND you have a business in Saskatoon, I am super confused and asking, no begging you to call us to for a cleaning quote. 😀

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