Focus on Your Strengths

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There’s this weird thing we do (that we are constantly trying to do) and that is…fix ourselves. We have friends and well meaning co-workers jumping in, to also fix us; like we’re a broken christmas ornament! With the right amount of glue, no one would even know that we were broken. What if we are exactly as we are supposed to be and focused instead, on our strengths?

What happens (in theory) when you focus on your strengths:

  1. You gain confidence because you are doing more of what you’re good at.
  2. Your weaknesses or maybe insecure alter egos, weaken.

How do you focus on your strengths aka harness what you have rockstar potential in?

  1. You recall every time anyone has every said, “you’re really good at that!” and those moments where something just felt right and things fell into place surprisingly quick. How do you start this process?
  2. Brainstorm. This isn’t the newest PS4 game (but it might be). This is from the beginning of time. What are thou good at? Make a list of all the things that you can think of aka brainstorm. A funny thing happens when you do this, your brain is like, “this is fun” and begins to pull all kinds of memories related to what you are focused on. It’s how you activate your neural pathways and unconscious to do your bidding. *insert evil and also slightly deranged laugh here.
  3. Narrow your list down to 3. Anything more than 3 and you’re likely to lose motivation because we have busy lives, we’re very important people and also social media.
  4. Incorporate those 3 skills/natural ability into your dailyness.
  5. Refine them like crazy!

You probably need an example or a donut by now.

I will give you my top 3.

  • Health/Fitness. I could help my kids completely resent me with all of my healthy preaching grandma feel great by assisting her when she is grocery shopping or teach her how to make fruit smoothies that she will very likely find disgusting because in her day people lived a long time and they didn’t need to eat this crap because that FEELS good AND I am using my strengths.
  • Unconscious Brain stuff. I could randomly hypnotize people at parties because drunk people believe almost anything and this would make the night really fun!
  • Entertaining people. I could start a blog, heck I could start 3! And that is just what I did, the end.

Let’s get to the refining process. How you could approach refining these skills? Start a YouTube channel using any of your strengths, read every book, magazine, blog that you can find on the subject, find a group of like minded people and share your knowledge base and interest. This may or may not lead me to a new life path but our entire purpose was to incorporate our strengths into our dailyness, leaving little time to even notice the things we are not stellar at. (Like cooking.)

By focusing on our strengths instead of our weaknesses, we become our own cheering section, (all Facebook likes aside) we waste less time beating ourselves up and more time feeling good about the things we are rocking! I am not saying that you are the most amazing person ever. I am also not, not saying that because we both know you are. 😗

Another great way to focus on your strengths is to let Scrub Masters do your office cleaning for you…so you can have even more time to focus on all your strengths! (Hopefully cleaning isn’t one of yours 😜)

Yay Scrub Masters!