The Illusion of Magic

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Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Wizard of Oz

illusion of magicIt’s 6:00am, your alarm goes off, and you drag yourself out of bed avoiding the mirror because you look as tired as you feel. You slam back a coffee and rush to get ready for work! If you have children, you experience even more joy with the juggle of your morning, breakfast, negotiating morning routines as if they are a new thing just starting today. Finally trying to eat some gross, dry toast that you are not even hungry for because you are too busy to eat. Kids get picked up by the bus and you leave for work. ALL of this happens BEFORE your day starts. OMG.

On the way to work you question your life purpose and if you are doing what makes you happy, there has to be more to life, maybe you should take a class, maybe you should drink less wine in the evenings, maybe you need to meet your friend for coffee and discuss things. Way to work

Why are you feeling this way? Is there another way to approach your day so that you’re not trying to figure out how to meditate and sing your favourite song as loud as you can on the way to work to clear your mind??

Let’s try a different scenario, but first let’s look at some boring facts or current trends representing themselves as facts. There is currently a trend for how to effectively spend the first 60 minutes of your morning. Sounds boring right, it is but stay with me. If you’re saying but I have kids, I don’t get to decide. I’m a single mom, I’m tired as it is. Mornings?! I hate them. I hear all of that, they are very lovely and legit excuses. *ducks to avoid brick being thrown, which is an odd and also dangerous thing to have on your person to throw. The first 60 minutes are so important that they set the tone for your entire day and if used consistently will also help you achieve your goals, ALL of them even the ridiculous ones which will give you the illusion of magic. I will introduce you to a formula and then I will teach you how to personalize it and make it yours.good morning

The theory goes as follows, you set your alarm AND wake up an hour earlier than usual. I am not a morning person, so I truly feel your pain, I am technically not even a night person, I am by all accounts a sleep whore. I love it, we love each other, soul mates and all that good stuff.

During your hour, the illusion of magic, if you like fairy tales (and who doesn’t?!). You will commit to doing 6 activities:

  1. Meditating or Prayer or simply just deep breathing. I could get into mantras here but then I feel I will have lost some of you. Wake up, sit up and do some deep breathing. Your partner may think you’re possessed but just explain that you’re creating magic and I’m sure they will leave you alone or leave you or whatever.
  2. Visualize. Pair this back to back with your weirdo breathing session, it will feel less painful. The idea here is to visualize what you want. See it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Got it? Of course you do.
  3. Write. Write a page or more of anything you like. Try to keep it more positive then negative. Writing out your goals in present tense, doing a grateful list or googling a daily writing challenge are all fantastic and easy things to write.
  4. Read an affirmation that is personal to you and the life you are working towards, in present tense. Double whatever goal you have set for yourself. That’s a Donald Trump pro tip. If you hate him then banish the last sentence from your subconscious forever.
  5. Read. Whatever you like. If you love reading as much as I do, limit your time to 10 minutes. Use it to get your brain blood flowing.
  6. Exercise. If you are not an exercise person, do 10 push ups, sit ups and squats, easy enough.

Do this for the next 30 days. At that point tweak what you like. You will have a good idea if something is helping you more than something else; you may exercise at the gym after work or listen to audio books on your way to work, you can then substitute a different activity or prolong one. You may also want to get up earlier and do a 2 hour morning. The idea behind this is that you are starting your day by doing something for you. To personalize your list think of the next immediate goal that you want to accomplish and add an activity related to that. illusion

Fast forward to the new you after 30 days of doing this. IT LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME, YOU TOLD ME MAGIC WOULD HAPPEN, YOU LIED. Okay I hear you, who wouldn’t, you practically yelled it. Are things the same? Has a shift occurred, in you? Is the life you are building for becoming more clear? Are you the person wearing the red cape beside the unicorn? Yeah, you are.

(Based on the book Miracle Morning and in all honesty have not read.)

Do you know what isn’t an illusion of magic? A cleaner office. If you are a business located in Saskatoon, please contact Scrub Masters so we can make your office super clean. Yay Scrub Masters!