Why Bonding Insurance Matters

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Before we dive into why bonding insurance matters, (I know that you are dying to know) how is your Wednesday treating you? Pretty good? Had enough coffee? Busy day or riding this one out?

What is bonding insurance? Bonding insurance is when a company bets in favour of their employees being honest. Not everyone is able to be bonded, the specifics are more detailed than I care to be, but essentially it means that someone has not been entirely trustworthy in the past and because of that, insurance in the form of bonding cannot be purchased on their behalf. Generally they have broken the law in some regard.

If you were able to remain conscious during that last paragraph and upped your caffeine as I recommended in the first paragraph you will already be nodding your head in concurrence as to why it is important to hire a cleaning company that has bonding insurance. Bonding insurance is important because it lets you know that employees hired by your cleaning company are honest, trustworthy and have been through a screening process ensuring that this is the case.

The reason not all companies have bonding insurance can be any of the following:

  • It costs them money.
  • They couldn’t be bothered.
  • They may or may not be legal citizens of Canada.
  • They may have prior felonies.

When a company does not have a copy of their bonding insurance this shows you that they may neglect other areas of importance in regards to details which can also extend to the quality of their cleaning standards. Before hiring a cleaning company to clean your office ask them for a copy of their bonding insurance.

In the meantime, you know that Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning has bonding insurance, so if you are a business located in Saskatoon and are looking for a cleaning company, contact us for your commercial cleaning quote.

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